10 July 2019 - Other events

PARIS REINFORCE Kick-off Meeting

PARIS REINFORCE kick – off meeting was successfully organized in Athens on the 10th and 11th of June 2019. 38 People attended from 10 countries. The event featured a number of insightful presentations by highly qualified experts setting the tone for the actions that will follow during the coming months, as well as the strategic planning for the duration of the project.

Participants had the opportunity to meet in person, overview PARIS REINFORCE expectations and discuss the challenges of the forthcoming tasks.

More particularly at the 1st day, PARIS REINFORCE’s coordinator demonstrated the project’s overview and vision, while each member of the consortium presented itself, its work experience, role in the project, as well as expectations from its implementation.

At the 2nd day of the meeting the project officer congratulated the project’s partners, and encouraged them to give their best, since PARIS REINFORCE is expected to have great impact in the support of Paris Agreement, the assistance of countries in the development of National Determined Contributions (NDCs), and the formulation of policy measures towards the fight for climate change.