The role of electricity, manufacturing, and forests in Russia’s low-carbon transition

On March 16, 2021, PARIS REINFORCE held its virtual national workshop focusing on Russia, aiming to receive insights from local stakeholders into the public policy context as well as a better understanding of some of the key assumptions modelling groups must consider.

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Policy Brief: The Delignitisation Roller Coaster in Greece

Lignite production and use in Greece has been dropping in the last decade, marking a sharp decline during COVID-19; according to the country’s NECP, it must be completely phased out by 2028. We find that delignitisation, irrespective of the speed in which it is attempted, is found beneficial for the wider economy in the long run. But, depending on the pace of the envisaged transition, it may have adverse effects in the near-to-medium term, which must be addressed to ensure social cohesion and achieve a just transition.

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PARIS REINFORCE in Kazakhstan's Nauryz Celebration - NU Green Campus Nature Day

Nauryz is a holiday celebrating the awakening of nature. On March 15, Rocco De Miglio was invited to take part in the discussion about Kazakhstan’s way to a carbon-neutral future.

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Understanding regional aspects in Central Asia

On March 3, 2021, the PARIS REINFORCE project held its second virtual workshop focussing upon the Central Asian and Caspian region to inform regional stakeholders on modelling progress, following the first workshop, and receive further insights.

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Decarbonisation in the Central Asian and Caspian region

On December 9, 2020, the PARIS REINFORCE project held its virtual workshop focusing upon the Central Asian and Caspian region to receive insights from regional stakeholders into the policy context of the region.

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Co-creating India's mitigation pathways

The PARIS REINFORCE project hosted a virtual workshop, on November 3, 2020, to discuss Indian modelling pathways and develop stakeholder-driven modelling scenarios, as well as to co-create some of the core assumptions being fed into models.

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Green glimmers of hope in climate action

PARIS REINFORCE researchers have published the opinion article "Green glimmers of hope in climate action through a European, citizen-led transition model" in the "New Europe" newspaper regarding the importance that behavioural changes have in reducing climate crisis.

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PARIS REINFORCE in the time of COVID-19

The PARIS REINFORCE consortium has been considering how best to accommodate COVID-19 implications in its research, including potential long-term socioeconomic implications, impacts on investments, emissions trends due to structural changes and new norms, etc.

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Climate Change, Energy and the Greek Environment

The PARIS REINFORCE project co-organises a national stakeholder workshop on climate change, energy and the national context, aiming to explore the available alternatives.

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Regional Workshop Enhancing climate policy

The 1st PARIS REINFORCE Stakeholder Council Dialogue workshop entitled "Enhancing climate policy through co-creation" took place on the 21st of November 2019 at the premises of Bruegel, Brussels, Belgium.

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