A fundamental objective of PARIS REINFORCE is to enhance the legitimacy of scientific processes in support of climate policymaking, by introducing an innovative stakeholder inclusion framework and subsequently improving the transparency of the respective models, methods and tools utilised.

The inclusion framework will seek to involve stakeholder groups in all stages; from the formulation of policy questions and the definitions of modelling assumptions; to the design of the project’s interactive interfaces and specifications. The process aims for the mobilisation of tacit knowledge embedded in stakeholders with the aim to bridge knowledge gaps.

The Stakeholder Council will embody a diverse group of stakeholders, including: policymakers, trade unions, industry associations and business networks, national and international NGOs, academia and the research community, as well as the civil society. Membership of the Council will be dynamic and significantly enriched throughout the course of the project.

You can register in the Stakeholder Council via the form that you can find here.