The Creation of an open – access data exchange platform


Modelling Activities – The I2AM PARIS Platform

In order to achieve its targets, PARIS REINFORCE has created an open-access and transparent data exchange platform, I2AM PARIS, aiming to facilitate the implementation of an exhaustive facilitative dialogue with climate change and action stakeholders (modellers/scientists, policymakers, business representatives, NGOs, etc.) and the employment of a strong ensemble of complementary integrated assessment, energy and sectoral models.

This platform is envisaged to enable modellers to communicate with one another and stakeholders to interact with modelling capabilities, scenario assumptions and results in an informative way, and to understand which decarbonisation pathways are the most relevant and realistic, ultimately enhancing the legitimacy of the scientific processes in support of climate policymaking as well as improving the transparency of the employed methods, models and tools.

The platform is available here.