11 December 2019

76th Semi-Annual IEA-ETSAP Meeting

PARIS REINFORCE researchers participated in the 76th Semi-Annual IEA-ETSAP Meeting, which took place from 9 to 13 December, 2019, at the CSIRO Energy Centre, in Mayfield West, Australia.

The meeting was organised by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), which is Australia's national science agency. The five-day meeting consisted of the ETSAP regular workshop and the ETSAP Executive Committee, as well as training sessions on the TIMES and VEDA-TIMES models. During the regular workshop, several topics were analysed.

On behalf of the PARIS REINFORCE project, Maurizio Gargiulo (E4SMA) participated in the workshop and presented the project. In particular, Mr. Gargiulo presented an overview, the consortium and the objectives of PARIS REINFORCE, while highlighting the I2AM PARIS platform and its capacity to bring together energy and climate-economy modellers towards enhancing the robustness of modelling outcomes.

You may find the agenda here, and download the presentation below.