27 August 2020 - News

Green glimmers of hope in climate action

PARIS REINFORCE researchers have published an opinion article regarding the importance that behavioural changes have in reducing climate crisis, similarly to the importance they had in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

In particular, Assoc. Prof. Haris Doukas, Dr. Alexandros Nikas (NTUA) and Dr. Ioannis Tsipouridis (Technical University of Mombasa) have published the article "Green glimmers of hope in climate action through a European, citizen-led transition model" in the "New Europe" newspaper. The article highlights that there is no space for "one crisis at the time" and in particular that the post-COVID-19 recovery funds must go hand in hand so that higher emission pathways compared to pre-pandemic trajectories are avoided. This coupling of socio-economic and climate action targets is mandatory in order for the “Build Back Better” motto to have any substance.