20 November 2019 - Consortium workshops

PARIS REINFORCE 2nd Project Meeting

The 2nd internal meeting of the PARIS REINFORCE project was successfully held in Brussels, on the 20th and 22nd of November 2019. 

The meeting was organised in conjunction with the 1st PARIS REINFORCE Stakeholder Council dialogue, and consisted of two days, one before and one after it.

The pre-Stakeholder Council dialogue meeting (November 20) enabled PARIS REINFORCE partners to prepare for the workshop, by examining the best ways to conduct stakeholder engagement, as well as to explore the polling tools to be used. Towards the end of the meeting, the consortium had the opportunity to meet with Heads of Units and Officers from DGs CLIMA, ENER, and RTD, and discuss potential priorities and topics that would help enhance the list of topics for consideration and discussion with the stakeholders during the Stakeholder Council dialogue.

During the second day of the meeting (November 22), participants had the opportunity to reflect on the feedback gained via the Stakeholder Council dialogue, and shape the upcoming work accordingly.

In particular, partners proceeded with the formulation of the key policy questions and the key specifications of the platform by incorporating the remarkable suggestions and prioritisation provided by the audience. Moreover, fruitful discussions on the identification of needs and scenario design were carried out.

Modelling interlinkages and the protocols for model use, scenario development and stakeholder engagement were also discussed during the meeting. Feedback gathered from stakeholders regarding the structure and functionality of the I2AM PARIS platform was analysed and ways to incorporate it in the design process of the platform were explored.

Finally, partners discussed and examined the robustness analysis techniques that will be applied in order to formulate stakeholder-driven modelling scenarios and evaluate the socio-technical context of specific case countries and sectors.