01 April 2020 - News

PARIS REINFORCE in the time of COVID-19

The PARIS REINFORCE consortium has been considering how best to accommodate COVID-19 implications in its research, including potential long-term socioeconomic implications (e.g. economic growth), impacts on investments (e.g. post-crisis stimulus crowding out clean energy investments, or instead bringing down cost of capital in low-carbon technologies), emissions trends due to structural changes (e.g. shifts among energy sources) and new norms (like telecommuting persisting beyond the pandemic), etc.

See here our commentary on The Conversation, written by Dr. Glen Peters (CICERO), on how coronavirus-related changes could reinforce climate action.

The PARIS REINFORCE consortium will continue to plan its activities, ensuring the safety, health and welfare of its members and hopes that the world effectively and quickly overcomes this global health emergency.

Cover photo source: Global Carbon Project