Cooperation and coordination are key to combatting climate change: climate action can only be meaningful and effective in a globally coordinated, cooperative, Talanoa-spirit manner. This is also reflected in the global stocktake, which is expected to take stock of the global efforts towards achieving the Paris Agreement goals, not only in terms of the type and extent of mitigation and adaptation actions but also in the context of adequately transferring knowledge, technology, funds and policy lessons.

This notion of enhanced cooperation, in terms of climate policy, is reflected in the PARIS REINFORCE project, in the envisaged analyses of current and future action pledges of the EU (and Member States), of major emitting countries outside the EU as well as of selected less emitting and/or less developed countries; in the incorporation of finance, policy and technological exchange and of different international cooperation and coordination scenarios and mechanisms in the modelling analyses; and the ongoing stakeholder dialogue, along with the establishment of the respective Stakeholder Council body. But it is also reflected, in terms of cooperation in science: in the development of an open access, multi-model, data exchange platform, I2AM PARIS; and in the synergies with relevant scientific efforts and research projects that the project will actively seek to create.

Synergies can come in many forms and have multiple aims, but given the objectives, scope and framework of the PARIS REINFORCE project, we distinguish two axes of synergies, both aimed at delivering high-quality, relevant and robust policy prescriptions: (a) joining scientific forces to promote science; and (b) broadening outreach to promote inclusiveness and stakeholder participation.